Drone Mapping Training Package


The fastest and easiest way to launch your drone journey. Featuring the Parrot Anafi Work drone and all the training, software and support you need to succeed.

You love a bargain right?! 
Then look no further than our best value training package.
The package is designed specifically for people who are just starting out on their drone journey and want to explore the potential of 3D mapping within the surveying and inspection sectors. If that’s you, keep on reading.
We know you don’t want to be overwhelmed by complex hardware while you’re learning the ropes, and that’s why we’ve built a bespoke package with you in mind. It’s your ultimate stepping stone into this exciting industry.
You have to provide at least 4 hours of flight logs to complete your A2 CofC, and you need to have a drone to take your GVC flight test, so why not save more than £550 and get it all in one simple package? It’s a no brainer!


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