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Daniel Hughes


Daniel completed seven years in the British SAS Reserves, has delivered the worlds highest video broadcast to the BBC on the summit of Mount Everest, cycled for GB and continues to travel the world finding and capturing the most extraordinary places on earth.

For Daniel, it’s imperative that he’s trained to a high standard so that brands around the world recognise and respect him as a serious Commercial Drone Photographer.

Catch up with Daniel Hughes and Jamie Cording in our webinar recording, to hear his fascinating story…

BB Drones coptrzcon award andy and jason


Jason Brice and Andy Blake are the visionaries behind BB Drone Services. After leaving the RAF, they decided to take the plunge and start their very own drone business. Today they use their experience from the RAF to offer a range of services from security and inspection to surveying and more. They shared their story with us on our podcast, Drone World. Listen now!

Annabelle Arcadis00002


“We have now completed a variety of jobs ranging from large scale topographic and volumetric surveys to high-resolution roof inspections. We have plenty more coming up where we’re going to be trying out different drones and payloads to get high-quality data for our clients. We are also hoping to apply for an Operational Safety Case from the CAA which will give us extra permissions and allow us to safely carry out those tricky jobs that are just not doable with our current permissions.”

Chris TLP


Chris’ journey into the drone sector was triggered by the lack of opportunities for disabled drone pilots in the security and public safety sector, this was despite extensive experience with the Police and British Army.

In early 2019 fuelled with the passion and knowledge that drones could potentially play in the private security sector, Chris attended a drone insight conference by Steve Coulson the CFO of Coptrz. This event was pivotal in confirming with Chris that drone solutions within the private security sector were indeed a viable option.

Stu logan unmanned air veterans


Stu makes up one-half of Unmanned Air Veterans along with his business partner Tom Hammond who met each other while serving in the British military. After being introduced to drones very early on when he was assigned the role of drone pilot, Stu says he hasn’t looked back since!

Stu shared the up's and downs of his story on our podcast, Drone World. Listen now!

Alex student


UAV Studio provides aerial thermography, surveying, photography and inspections across the UK. Founded by Alex Lester in 2020, Alex trained at Coptrz Academy to get Category 1 certification, giving him the knowledge and confidence to start his own business as a drone service provider. Read the full details on our blog.

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